Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian (JTEP) or Journal of Agricultural Engineering, previously named Agricultural Engineering Bulletin, is an official publication of the Indonesian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University. JTEP is published three times a year in April, August and December.

JTEP is a peer reviewed journal that has been accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number I/E/KPT/2015 which is valid for 5 (five) years since enacted on 21 September  2015. JTEP has been registered in Crossref, DOAJ, Indonesian Publication Index (IPI), Google Scholar, and other scientific databases. 

JTEP receives manuscripts of research results or scientific review in agricultural engineering  related to land and water resources engineering, agricultural machinary, farm structures and environment,  alternative energy and electrification, ergonomics and electronics, food and agricultural product processing engineering, and management and information systems.

The articles sent by the author - must be an original script and is not being considered for publication by other journal or publishers - should be written in accordance with the writing guidelines and submitted online via http://journal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jtep. Editors can revise the paper without changing the substance and content after a blind review process.

For further information and correspondnce, please contact the secretariate of Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian, Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Kampus IPB Darmaga Kotak Pos 220, Bogor 16002; Phone: +62 251 8624503 Fax: +62 251 8623026; E-mail: jtep@apps.ipb.ac.id

P-ISSN: 2407-0475  |  E-ISSN: 2338-8439

Vol. 9 No. 3 (2021): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian

Published: Dec 23, 2021

Rapid Assessment of Fresh Beef Spoilage Using Portable Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

79-86 Cyril, Y. Aris Purwanto, Dewi Apri Astuti, Slamet Widodo
Read Statistic: 33

Android based Expert System for Weeds Identification in Soybean Cultivation

87-94 Mohamad Solahudin; Giska Priaji
Read Statistic: 25

Estimated Shelf Life of Torbangun Leaf Powder in Various Packaging Materials

95-102 Lydia Ariani, Rokhani Hasbullah, Usman Ahmad
Read Statistic: 26

Prediksi Indeks Panen Jambu “Kristal” secara Non Destruktif Menggunakan Portable Near Infrared Spectrometer

103-110 Ayu Putri Ana, Y. Aris Purwanto, Slamet Widodo
Read Statistic: 32

Self Life Estimation of Chili Paste with Additional of Natrium Benzoat Using Arrhenius Acceleration Method

111-118 Sri Lestari, Silvia Yuniarti, Hijriah Mutmainah, Maureen C. Hadiatry, Ismatul Hidayah
Read Statistic: 50

Characteristics and Financial Feasibility of Gedong Gincu Mango Farming in Indramayu Regency

119-126 khoirul umam, Rokhani Hasbullah, Mohamad Solahudin
Read Statistic: 35

Study of Kinetic Model for Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction of Pepper (Piper nigrum L.)

127-134 Anggie Yulia Sari, I Wayan Budiastra, Slamet Widodo
Read Statistic: 45

Application of Zeolite-KMnO4 and Silica Gel to Extend Green Life of Manggo Arumanis (Mangifera indica L)

Postharvest handling

135-142 Anita Khairunnisa, Emmy Darmawati, Siti Mariana Widayanti
Read Statistic: 20
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