Performa Broiler dengan Ransum Mengandung Campuran Ampas Sagu dan Ampas Tahu yang Difermentasi dengan Neurospora crassa

  • . Nuraini


The experiment determined the effect of the mixture of sago and tofu by-products fermented with Neurospora crassa on broiler performances. One hundred of broiler chicken were randomly divided into four groups of dietary treatments and five replications (5 birds each). The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design according to dietary treatment tested, namely, none or 0% (RA), 7% (RB), 14% (RC) and 21% (RD) fermented sago and tofu by-products mixture. Experimental diets were formulated iso-protein (22%) and iso-energy (3000 kcal/kg). Variables measured were performances, carcass quality (meat cholesterol) of broiler and income over feed chick cost (IOFCC). Results of the experiment indicated that feed consumption, body weight gain, feed conversion ratio, nitrogen retention and carcass percentage were not affected by feeding fermented sago and tofu by-products mixture. Meat cholesterol indicated the lowest but IOFCC indicated the highest of RD group treatment mixture as compared to other treatment groups. It is concluded that feeding ration containing 21% fermented sago and tofu by-products maintains broiler performance similarly to that of control group, reduce meat cholesterol by 27% and increase IOFCC by 35.41%.

Key words: sago by-product, tofu by-product, Neurospora crassa, meat cholesterol, broiler


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