Pengaruh Creep Feed pada Anak Kambing Kacang Pra-sapih Berbeda Jenis Kelamin

  • S S Sitorus


The study was carried out by using 10 dams with single female kids and the same number of dams with single male kids, separated into two groups with their respectively kids. All kids received natural milk from their dams. After 4 weeks old, each group was divided into 2 subgroups in order to evaluate the effect of the creep feeding supplement. The result indicated that female kids growth lower (P < 0.05) than that of the male kids and the creep feed gave a significant effect on the growth rate (P < 0.05) on male which was 37% over those kids without creep feed; however there was no significant different (P > 0.05) of growth rate on the female. The highest growth rate was found on male with creep feed (107 g/d) and the lowest on female without creep feed feeding. 

Key words: Kacang goat, pre-weaning, creep feed


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