Perilaku dan Motif Menonton Televisi pada Peternak di Dua Tipologi Desa di Kabupaten Bogor

  • . Hadiyanto


The objective of this study was to identify television programme preference and viewing motives, and comparing viewing motives between urban and rural farmers. Survey was conducted in four villages (2 urban villages and 2 rural villages) in Bogor District involving 160 farmers as respondents. Television viewing habit and motives were the main data to be collected by using quistionnare and self reporting technique. The study showed there was no difference in television viewing habit and programme preferences between urban farmers and rural farmers, except in time spent. The programme were: movie, news, and quiz. Primary motives in television viewing were entertainment and to seek information, either as news source or knowledge. Nevertheless, the difference in television viewing motive between urban and rural farmers was not significant. 

Key words: farmers, motive, rural village, urban village, viewing habit


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